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Arriva Bus & Coach reduce admin time by 40 hours per week with r2c Online

12 October 2017

Arriva Bus & Coach reduce admin time by 40 hours per week with r2c Online

Since adopting r2c Online’s digital compliance management platform, Arriva Bus & Coach have reduced their administration time by 40 hours per week amongst a host of other benefits.

Arriva Bus & Coach specialise in the sale, rental and finance of new and used vehicles along with nationwide servicing and repair and parts support.

Leading UK bus and coach specialists Arriva Bus & Coach switched to r2c Online in the summer of 2016 to streamline their fleet and workshop management. In a recent review, they have found significant benefits of using the digital system.

Marc Haley, Head of Aftersales Operations at Arriva Bus & Coach, describes the issues that led them to adopt the system: “Before using r2c Online, we faced many issues managing the maintenance of our fleet. We struggled to receive technical write-ups from field technicians in a timely manner and everything had to be typed up once the technicians got home. Now, this is done electronically on site, in real time, via our tablets and r2c’s online portal.”

r2c Online provide a user-friendly platform that connects the fleet and workshop industry. It works by collecting accurate, real-time maintenance and compliance information from all parties to enhance efficiency and improve communication. The platform also securely stores all compliance data so users can effectively manage an entire fleet at all times.

Haley continued: “r2c Online has helped our company massively, reducing physical paper waste and reducing our admin substantially. More than anything, it’s saving us a huge amount of time. We’ve saved 40 hours per week so far, which equates to an extra employee."

“Our efficiency savings will become even greater as we continue to roll out the r2c platform across all our workshops, so we’re looking forward to the future.” Haley concludes, “I would recommend r2c Online to everyone in the industry without a doubt. In fact, I already have on many occasions, as the bus and coach market is crying out for this product and the first-class customer support.”

Nick Walls, Managing Director at r2c Online, commented: “Hearing Arriva Bus & Coach’s success using r2c is fantastic and we look forward to further working with them in the future. Since 2003, our team of industry experts have been enhancing our platform to answer the needs of all commercial vehicle fleets. Receiving positive feedback from the bus and coach sector reinforces r2c Online as an industry-wide market standard that provides tangible results to fleets and workshops of all shapes and sizes.”