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6 August 2014

Biofortuna expands freeze dried production service

Biofortuna Ltd, a UK-based molecular diagnostics company, announces significant expansion of its freeze dried (lyophilization) production service. Due to an increased demand of companies outsourcing their freeze-dried production of diagnostic kits, Biofortuna has invested in a new state of the art freeze-dryer together with additional climate control units.

The additional freeze drier and infrastructure almost doubles production capacity allowing Biofortuna to accommodate the ever increasing demand of its freeze dried contract service.

Biofortuna uses proprietary freeze-drying expertise and cryo-preservatives to stabilise complete PCR and immunoassay reactions into instantly soluble freeze-dried pellets. These freeze-dried kits are stable at ambient temperatures and only require the addition of patient sample prior to detection and analysis.

Dr Simon Douglas, Biofortuna chief executive officer, commented: “This is a major step in the expansion of Biofortuna and is essential for our continued growth. The additional production capacity will allow us to continue offering the highest quality service to our ever growing clientele.”

The rapid growth of the company is also partly due to an increased demand of its CE marked and FDA approved transplantation kits, SSPGo, which are distributed internationally by a global diagnostics company.

Biofortuna are now one of a limited number of companies globally which offer freeze drying manufacturing services that are both CE and FDA registered and will continue focusing on producing high quality freeze dried kits for the diagnostic and life science markets.