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Channel 4 Ventures invests in Maxwellia to support the launch of Lovima®

6 October 2021

Channel 4 Ventures invests in Maxwellia to support the launch of Lovima®

Maxwellia has announced a major investment from Channel 4 Ventures, striking an airtime-for-equity arrangement. The new investment will support the marketing campaign for Lovima®, helping fund a hugely impactful, innovative and educational 360° campaign designed to raise awareness of the availability of the progestogen-only contraceptive pill in pharmacy throughout the UK.

Following the reclassification of the contraceptive pill by the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) - a journey spearheaded by Maxwellia – women can now buy a contraceptive pill over the counter without a prescription following a consultation with a pharmacist. This reclassification of the daily progestogen-only pill is one of the biggest revolutions in women’s health in the 60 years since the pill was first launched in the UK1, giving more women even greater choice about where and when they access contraception.

A television advertising campaign, devised by creative studio Ourselves, juxtaposes two important ‘liberation’ moments in history; referencing when the contraceptive pill was first introduced in the UK sixty years ago in 1961, and bringing things up to date by showing that oral contraception is now in the hands of women, giving them more control over their bodies and lives. The ad focusses on the progesterone-only contraceptive pill’s liberation from prescription status, a major milestone moment which further empowers women to be able to make their own choices about their bodies. The spot breaks on TV on 6 October, during the Louis Theroux-produced series Sex Actually with Alice Levine on Channel 4.

Head of Channel 4 Ventures, Vinay Solanki says: “We are delighted to be supporting Maxwellia with the launch of their advertising campaign for Lovima®. The ambition of Maxwellia aligns with so many Channel 4 values – being bold, innovative, and doing the right thing. Maxwellia’s journey is only just beginning and Channel 4 Ventures are excited to be their partners from today onwards”.

Maxwellia founder and CEO, Anna Maxwell, a registered pharmacist, says: “In line with Channel 4’s remit, it has aligned itself once more with an innovative product to help improve recognition and awareness of the importance of access to contraception. The decision to reclassify the pill is game-changing for many women who, for the first time in history, can now buy this form of oral contraception from their local pharmacy. Maxwellia’s partnership with Channel 4 Ventures is perfect to help us increase awareness and continue our dedication to breaking down contraception access barriers faced by women and supporting greater sexual health education and awareness.”