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Clin-e-Cal Rafi-Tone app shows important benefits in Salford study

3 June 2019

Clin-e-Cal Rafi-Tone app shows important benefits in Salford study

Wilmslow, Cheshire, UK- 28th May 2019 - In data due to be published at the International Society of Aerosol Medicine (ISAM) today, University of Manchester spin-out, Clin-e-cal, will show benefits of using its Rafi-Tone app.

The Rafi-tone app, available as a free download on i-Phone and Android devices, and listed on the NHS Apps library, helps children engage with taking medication by involving them in an onscreen fun animated game. The app works alongside a prescription spacer, Able Spacer from Clement Clarke International, which is supplied with a mask containing an embedded whistle. The whistle sounds when correct inhaler/ spacer technique is used. Rafi-Tone listens for this whistle noise which triggers the on-screen animations.

The data presented today from a post-marketing survey of 112 users shows improvements in the confidence of parents that the medication is being delivered effectively, and a decrease in the likelihood of the child becoming upset when taking their inhaler. In addition, nurses stated that the app gave them an opportunity to explain and coach appropriate technique more effectively. Subsequent to these findings, the survey also found a decrease in the use of high cost healthcare services (GP and A&E), indicating a role for the app in the improved management of children’s wheezing.

Sophie Toor, Clinical Director of Respiratory Matters and Respiratory Nurse Specialist, who ran the study on behalf of Clin-e-cal and the Salford CCG Innovation Group, said ‘Rafi-Tone is a useful tool for nurses to engage children and parents in their asthma treatment. Inhaler technique is a vital aspect of asthma management and seeing such positive results from a cost effective and widely available tool is fantastic’.

Funding for the survey was provided by Salford CCG, via the Innovation fund.

Clin-e-cal CEO, Dr Elizabeth Crawford commented “we are delighted to see such positive results from the Salford survey, and hope other regions will also be able to see such benefits. The support of the individual practices in completing the surveys and the CCG staff has been invaluable.”.

As well as the Rafi-Tone poster, Clin-e-cal’s apps will feature on two other posters presented at ISAM this week, showing the benefits that objectivity can bring to inhaler training.