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Gendius to collaborate with The University of Manchester on new Human-AI research teams

3 August 2021

Gendius to collaborate with The University of Manchester on new Human-AI research teams

Gendius has been selected to be a part of the new Human-AI research teams developed by the University of Manchester to help cure humanity's complex future health and societal problems through AI technology.

Led by Professor Samuel Kaski from The University of Manchester, this research fellowship will maximise the untapped potential for research in AI and complex decision making and will aim to develop new ways for machine learning (AI) to help humans during the process of designing experiments and interpretation of the results, before deciding what to measure next and to finally reach trustworthy solutions to problems.

This includes healthcare, where AI can detect patterns associated with diseases and health conditions by studying healthcare records and other data.

Professor Kaski said: “This is where AI can help, but we need new kinds of AI assistants which can learn to work well with humans and complement their skills. That requires new fundamental AI research, and I am glad Manchester has recognized this opportunity and is considerably strengthening its AI research. Manchester is a top-notch place to build and apply new AI which matters and has impact.”

This new approach will be applied to three challenges: diagnosis and treatment decision-making in personalised medicine; the guidance of scientific experiments in synthetic biology and drug design; and the design and use of digital twins to design physical systems and processes.

Rory Cameron CEO Gendius said: “We are very privileged to be in the list of collaborators that include some big names in AI and Science. The next phase for our algorithm development moves us into the Artificial Intelligence space and this collaboration will be instrumental to this”.

Named after AI pioneer Alan Turing, the Turing AI World-Leading Researcher Fellows are part of the UK’s commitment to further strengthen its position as a global leader in the field and is collaborating with 39 industry partners. Gendius are very proud to be a part of this collaboration which also includes AstraZeneca, IBM, Dyson, Google Deepmind UK, BBC, British Library, Huawei and Amazon Research Cambridge.