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Lumora agrees licence and development program for Veterinary applications with Biogal Galed Labs

5 June 2013

Lumora agrees licence and development program for Veterinary applications with Biogal Galed Labs

Portfolio company Lumora, a provider of state-of-the-art molecular diagnostic products for the clinical and industrial market, has entered into a license and development agreement with Biogal Galed Labs ACS Ltd, a provider of veterinary diagnostics, to develop a series of veterinary tests.

The partnership will allow Biogal Galed Labs ACS Ltd to access Lumora’s enabling technologies such as BART (Bioluminescent Assay in Real Time), as well as the company’s proven know-how in test development, reader technologies and manufacturing.

The partnership will involve a significant pipeline of test development, starting with Leptosporis, a zoonotic bacterial infection transmitted through the urine of animals. Financial details were not disclosed.

Hayden Jeffreys, Commercial Director at Lumora, said: “This partnership further illustrates the broad utility of Lumora’s technology. The simplicity, robustness and ease of use, make BART and our other technologies very applicable to the non-traditional molecular environment, whether this in the industrial applications or in the clinical market.”

Laurence Tisi, CEO of Lumora, added: “This deal with Biogal will showcase the benefits of working with Lumora’s expert team and its focus on delivering partner’s products to market in the shortest time possible. With the Leptosporosis test progressing through development, we have already initiated work on a series of additional assays in the planned development pipeline.”

A spokesperson from Biogal commented, “We are excited to be able to partner with Lumora. They have an excellent track record of producing high quality assays for their partners, across a wide range of applications. Through this partnership we aim to provide our customers with advanced diagnostics which can be provided in all sizes of veterinary labs.”

The deal with Biogal follows a series of milestones for Lumora this year, including a partnership with FIND (Foundation for Innovative Novel Diagnostics) to develop a novel malaria diagnostic, a new fundraising round and the appointment of new team members including a new commercial director and Chairman.