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Manchester Biogel and Resnova to sign a strategic agreement for the distribution in Italy of innovative solutions for 3D Cell Culture

17 November 2021

Manchester Biogel and Resnova to sign a strategic agreement for the distribution in Italy of innovative solutions for 3D Cell Culture

Manchester BIOGEL and Resnova are pleased to announce today, their agreement for the exclusive distribution in Italy of fully synthetic scaffold products for 3D cell culture, organoid growth and 3D bioprinting products range.

Manchester BIOGEL (MBG), is a British Company, founded in 2014, with the aim of assuming a leading role in designing and manufacturing synthetic self-assembling peptide hydrogels, such as PeptiGels® and PeptiInks®, which provide a natural physiological extracellular matrix to support long term cell cultures. Manchester BIOGEL’s products are ready-to-use, free from any animal components and specifically designed for use in 2D and 3D cell cultures, bioprinting, tissue regeneration and Drug Discovery. MGB has been built on a strong foundation of over 40 combined years of scientific research and aims to redefine the concept of cell culture to support Researchers, and to ensure innovation within the Life Science field.

Resnova is an Italian distribution Company, with operational headquarters in Genzano di Roma, which in over 25 years of active and direct presence on the Italian market, has acquired a leading position in the fields of Molecular Cytogenetics, Molecular and Cellular Biology, as well as in Advanced Diagnostics, for all those Laboratories active all over the Italian territory. The wide range of products, which forms part of its commercial proposal, is the result of long-term agreements and collaborations for the exclusive distribution in Italy with innovative Biotechnology Companies, selected worldwide. The agreement with MBG reinforces this strategy and coincides with the 25 year anniversary of activity of the Company.

“We are pleased and excited to sign this distribution agreement with Resnova, which, thanks to its many years of experience and active presence on the Italian market, represents the ideal partner for growing our penetration in such an important marketplace” said Professor Aline F. Miller, Chief Executive Officer, and Founding Director of Manchester BIOGEL. Aline added that “we know the in-field presence of Resnova’s commercial structure, with its Specialist Team for technical support, will provide Italian Scientists and Researchers operating in Cellular biology invaluable help and a deep understanding of our innovative products that are designed to provide a 3D supportive matrix for a wide range of application areas, such as organoids, stem cells, oncology, bioprinting and regenerative medicine, leveraging the ability to simulate the natural environment of all human tissues".

“We are very proud to be able to further extend our range of solutions in the field of cell biology, collaborating with a young and innovative Company, which aims to develop and create of a new generation of products for cell culture applications.” said Sergio Centanaro, Managing Director at Resnova. He went onto add that “after the first evaluations and market tests carried out, we reached the conclusion that the 3D cultures represent the new frontier field in various areas of Research and Diagnostic applications, and that Manchester BIOGEL has an outstanding range of products and practical experience, which can be of great help to us and for our Italian Customers, who are engaged in this constantly evolving sector”.