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Manchester Imaging teams up with Michelson Diagnostics

21 January 2021

Manchester Imaging teams up with Michelson Diagnostics

Michelson Diagnostics Ltd, manufacturer of the world-leading VivoSight™ OCT skin imaging and measurement system, has teamed up with AI specialists Manchester Imaging Ltd, to aid dermatologists in the fight against skin cancer and other skin diseases.

Michelson’s VivoSight™ Dx OCT scanner is used by trained dermatologists in their assessment of suspicious skin lesions, and is already in widespread routine use in Germany for Basal Cell Carcinoma, the most common type of skin cancer. The VivoSight Dx is the world’s leading Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) skin imaging system which can see over 1 mm deep into the skin to produce images of skin structural elements, vascularity and pathology.

The collaboration between Michelson Diagnostics and Manchester Imaging will focus on creating powerful new algorithms based on machine learning and computer vision (also known as ‘Artificial Intelligence’ or AI) that will automate the analysis of images captured by the VivoSight OCT scanner, to enable dermatologists to make the right diagnostic and treatment decisions more rapidly and more accurately.

Manchester Imaging Limited is an AI software spinout from the University of Manchester that has already developed and commercialized successful AI algorithms for analysing dental X-rays enabling improved detection of very early tooth decay by dentists.

“I am very pleased to access Manchester Imaging’s leading-edge expertise in AI to help dermatologists in their fight against skin cancer and other pathologies with our VivoSight OCT scanner” said Jon Holmes, CEO & President of Michelson Diagnostics. “We want to bring the power of AI into the dermatology clinic to benefit patients”.

Currently, dermatologists assess VivoSight™ OCT images by looking for specific ‘markers’ that are signs of disease. The time taken and accuracy depends upon the experience and training in OCT image interpretation. Machine Learning algorithms will help by automatically detecting and grading these ‘markers’ to aid the dermatologist in their treatment decisions and speed up the process.

The first results from the project are expected during 2021.

“We are very excited to work with Michelson Diagnostics“ said Tony Travers, CEO of Manchester Imaging. “This collaboration is highly synergistic and feeds on the deep knowledge of both companies. Our mutual goal is to provide an easy-to-use product that is unsurpassed in its performance, versatility and purpose for the dermatologist”.