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Monica Healthcare is a winner in the 2016 Premier Inc Innovation Celebrations

30 June 2016

Monica Healthcare is a winner in the 2016 Premier Inc Innovation Celebrations

GE Healthcare on behalf of Monica Healthcare showcased the Monica Novii Wireless Patch System at Premier Inc.’s 2016 annual Breakthroughs Conference.

Monica’s Novii System is one of the medical innovations that was showcased in front of thousands of healthcare providers at Premier Inc.’s 2016 Breakthroughs Conference and Exhibition on June 21.

Monica’s Novii System was featured during the conference’s annual Innovation Celebration. The event recognizes advances in healthcare while highlighting industry suppliers committed to innovation and improving patient outcomes.

“Monica Healthcare shares Premier’s commitment to providing valuable products to our alliance members that are safe, high-quality and cost-effective,” said Durral R. Gilbert, president of supply chain services, Premier. “We believe these innovations can benefit providers as they work to transform healthcare.”

Clinicians and other health system members of Premier selected the Novii Wireless Patch System to be showcased at the Innovation Celebration due to its uniqueness, ability to have an impact on unmet clinical needs and potential to improve patient care.

The Monica Novii Wireless Patch System (“Novii”) provides the opportunity to enhance current Labor and Delivery monitoring. It works with the GEHC Corometrics 259cx series maternal/fetal monitors. Novii has three constituent parts, the Novii Patch, Novii Pod, and Novii Interface.

The Novii Patch is a single-use, peel-and-stick disposable part, which attaches to the woman’s abdomen using the comfortable adhesive foam pads. The patch incorporates ECG electrode areas which pick up ECG and EMG signals from the skin surface and then transfer them to the Novii Pod.

The Novii Pod is a reusable part which magnetically connects to the Novii Patch to pick up the fetal and maternal ECG and EMG signals and then filters, digitizes and processes them in real time to extract the FHR, MHR & UA data. The Pod transmits this data via Bluetooth to the Novii Interface.

The Novii Interface is also a reusable part that translates Bluetooth data transmitted by the Novii Pod into signals of the correct format to the maternal/fetal monitor. The Novii Interface is connected to the monitor via physical cables which attach to the transducer inputs of the monitor. The Novii Interface has a touch screen that supports the user to get the most from the system and has two bays incorporated into its base for inductive charging and the automatic pairing of the Novii Pods.