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Monument Therapeutics announces the start of its first clinical study for novel treatment for neuroinflammation

15 June 2022

Monument Therapeutics announces the start of its first clinical study for novel treatment for neuroinflammation

Manchester, UK, June 13, 2022: Monument Therapeutics, a stratified medicine company, today announced that their first-in-human Phase I study of MT1980, a novel formulation of an on-market anti-inflammatory compound, has commenced. MT1980 has been specifically created as a novel therapy for poorly-treated conditions associated with neuroinflammation, such as Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, traumatic brain injury, schizophrenia, depression, post-operative cognitive decline and long Covid.

MT1980 has been developed via an innovative formulation using proprietary technology licensed from TRx Biosciences to solve issues related to poor absorption, pharmacokinetics and blood brain barrier penetration. MT1980 aims to maximally leverage novel pharmacology in the brain that is not otherwise accessible with the standard, on-market formulation of the compound.

In preclinical studies, MT1980 showed excellent brain uptake and strong anti-inflammatory activity.

This Phase I clinical study, starting just 3 months since the announcement of the positive preclinical data, aims to show the presence of drug in the brain and improved pharmacokinetics while confirming the safety of MT1980. First results are expected in the summer of 2022.

Kiri Granger, Chief Scientific Officer of Monument Therapeutics, said: “There is a large unmet medical need for treatment of patients experiencing symptoms such as memory loss and cognitive problems as a result of inflammation in the brain.  We are delighted that we have today reached the important milestone of our first human study. Success in this will bring us closer to the treatment of patients, to whom we are confident of delivering the benefits of our preclinical research.”

Robin Bannister, Chief Executive Officer of TRx Biosciences, said: “TRx is proud to partner our technology with Monument, whose team have a unique ability to bring new concepts within neuroinflammation to patients. We’ve always been strong supporters of MT1980 conceptually and are delighted to see further translation of its novel biology into humans – equally this first clinical study is a watershed moment for our progressive business and its technology.”

Jenny Barnett, Chief Executive Officer of Monument Therapeutics added: “Our ability to move rapidly from pre-clinical development to the clinic is testament both to our unique approach of utilizing known compounds in a novel way, and our relationship with and support from our investors and collaborators.”