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NICE releases Medtech Innovation Briefing for YOURmeds smart medication management system

15 March 2022

NICE releases Medtech Innovation Briefing for YOURmeds smart medication management system

HAVANT MARCH. 15, 2022 – YOURmeds Limited announced today that the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), a public body of the Department of Health in England providing evidence-based technology recommendations by independent committees, released their Medtech Innovation Briefing titled: " YOURmeds for medication support in long-term conditions".

The MIB states that ‘…it is the first digital medication dosage system that allows real time monitoring of medication adherence’ and ‘…include the ability to correlate the medicines prescribed with the adherence data to show efficacy and support patient-centred care…’. The MIB acknowledges YOURmeds as being the most innovative, end-to-end solution addressing the issue of medication adherence in the digital age.

Patient non-adherence to prescribed treatment poses a formidable health challenge. It affects patient health outcomes significantly, contributing to 200,000 premature deaths in the EU annually, and places a heavy economic burden on the healthcare system, leading to an estimated Euros 125 billion in avoidable hospitalisations, emergency care and adult outpatient visits each year 2:. The picture is similar in the UK - increasing medication adherence to 80% across 5 diseases would save the NHS £500 million pounds every year1; the saving to Adult Social Care runs potentially into the billions..

YOURmeds smart medication management system brings medication adherence into the 21st century with it’s easy to understand, simple to use, portable system.  YOURmeds provides clinicians, adult social care and care providers with real time medication adherence data, enabling prescriptions and care packages to be adapted. YOURmeds brings Person Centred Care closer.

The Briefing includes a description of the YOURmeds technologyhow the system is innovativepopulation setting and intended userscosts and resource consequences of using the system

Clinical experts also provided comments including:

·         YOURmeds is novel and the first in a new class of procedures

·         One expert estimated that 50% of all hospital discharges would be eligible to use this technology

·         YOURmeds could change the current pathway and reduce the pressure on primary care and social services

"YOURmeds is thrilled to have received support for the use of YOURmeds smart medication adherence system™ from NICE, a world-renowned source of clinical expertise," said Dr Nitin Parekh, Director and Co-Founder at YOURmeds. "This briefing provides recognition that the YOURmeds solution can provide real time data around medication efficacy and how a user is managing their long-term condition. NICE recognises that the gaps between Health and Social Care needs to be bridged, and we are delighted to support this." 

The full NICE briefing can be accessed here