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Probe Scientific in top disruptive medical technologies index

8 June 2016

Probe Scientific in top disruptive medical technologies index

British early stage medical device and diagnostic company, Probe Scientific Ltd has been named one of the world’s most influential companies on the Disrupt 100 index which lists “companies shaping our futures”.

The largest sector for disruption is Health Tech with 27% of disruptors targeting better health outcomes. With an ageing world population and for the first time in history preventative illnesses dominating the statistics, an explosion of disruption is occurring to address global health issues where proactivity rather than reactivity will save lives and money. Read more at

How is Probe’s Technology disruptive?

Probe Scientific is working with leading clinical care specialists and researchers to bring continuous and automated real-time blood monitoring into routine practice. Studies are currently underway across Europe with a number of analytes including glucose, lactate, immunosuppressants and antibiotics – all demonstrating that by continuously tracking analytes or drugs, in blood patient outcomes are significantly improved. Read more at

With applications as varied as continuous monitoring in critical care, therapeutic drug monitoring, multi-analyte systems to gather comprehensive patient data, and sports medicine, the potential for the company’s platform technology is far reaching.

“Our technology has the power to influence and disrupt many different markets, with the potential to improve health outcomes for patients across the health care continuum, it is gratifying to be recognised in this list” says Neil Smith CEO.