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Probe Scientific signs a non-exclusive licence with Menarini Diagnostics

21 May 2013

Probe Scientific signs a non-exclusive licence with Menarini Diagnostics

Portfolio company Probe Scientific Ltd, an emerging UK medical device developer based at the Warwick University Science Park, has announced an important step forward in the commercialization of its novel blood sampling microdialysis technology, MicroEye®.

MicroEye® facilitates continuous monitoring of a wide range of biomarkers including glucose and it can also be used to control the administration of drugs which have a narrow therapeutic index. It has been successfully trialed with a number of different sensors and the company has now signed Development and Licence Agreements with the Italian-based multinational A. Menarini Diagnostics. MicroEye® is being tested with the A. Menarini’s successful GlucoMenDay® sensing system to provide real time online Intra Venous glucose monitoring.

Probe Scientific CEO Neil Smith commented: “Effectively tracking IV glucose in real time has long been the goal in intensive care. The market for such a combined device is potentially very large, with applicability in most patients requiring close monitoring”.

Crescenzio Izzo, General Manager at A. Menarini Diagnostics, commented: "By coupling the microdialysis probe MicroEye® to our glucose biosensor, which is based on a proprietary detection technology highly sensitive and immune from a wide range of interfering chemicals and drugs, we can build  a smart and cost effective device for accurate intravascular glucose monitoring usable in hospital wards and in intensive care units, as proven in preliminary successful trials where subjects were monitored continuously for 72 hours”.

MicroEye® is positioned in the body via a standard catheter, locking into place via a luer lock. The MicroEye® works by the passage of perfusate (e.g. saline) through the device, which then continuously feeds plasma-like samples into a sensor for reading and data export. This patented microdialysis technology is proven and minimally invasive.

Probe Scientific is working with a number of other multi-national companies across a wide range of analytes and applications and expects to announce the signing of additional commercialisation agreements in the near future.