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Report shows YOURmeds medication management system helped councils generate significant cost savings

25 September 2023

Report shows YOURmeds medication management system helped councils generate significant cost savings

A Real-World Validation Report from the University of Chester has been published, which evidences the “significant” patient benefits and cost savings Stoke-on-Trent City Council and Manchester City Council generated when using a smart medication management system.

The YOURmeds medication management system helps people take the right medication at the right time with support from their network of family and friends. The assistive device alerts patients and care providers when the individual has not taken their medicine. It enables people to stay independent in their own homes for longer while freeing up carers’ time.

The Health Matters team at the University of Chester undertook a Real World Validation (RWV) using data collected by YOURmeds. The study provided evidence showing the efficacy and impact of the YOURmeds service.

It proved that the device delivered on its intended goals and addressed the current challenges faced by patients, healthcare providers, and social care systems in managing medication, according to YOURmeds.

The RWV explored whether the YOURmeds system is cost-effective when compared to social care visits and other similar interventions; who benefits from using the medication system; the need for medication assistance using YOURmeds; and any unintended outcomes or benefits from using the system.

“YOURmeds’ innovative service presents a potential solution to several challenges in medication management,” the university’s study reads. “By using simple design elements, intuitive user experience, and smart technology integration, the service embodies a comprehensive approach to facilitating better healthcare outcomes.”

A headline finding from the report revealed that 70 percent of in-person medication visits were able to be replaced with the YOURmeds service, which could subsequently be re-invested through 894 days of additional capacity to support new people.

Another key finding showed that YOURmeds could save over 100,000 medication visits with a potential saving of just under £340,000 per year.

YOURmeds also supported a mixed age profile including those over the age of 80 and mixed gender, suggesting the service has a wide reach across many social care conditions.

Priti Patel, Head of Sales at YOURmeds, commented: “We are really pleased that this report has been published through the support of Health Innovation Manchester. We are working with 14 councils across the UK to support people to remain independent in their own homes for longer using the use of YOURmeds. The impact of improved adherence results in greater independence and benefits both health and social care.”