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Rinicare to provide continuous vital signs monitoring technology to Indian healthcare system

17 June 2021

Rinicare to provide continuous vital signs monitoring technology to Indian healthcare system

Manchester-based medtech start-up Rinicare has signed a deal with its distribution partner, Rinicom, to build and deliver an initial 100 units of its continuous vital signs monitoring technology to the Indian healthcare system. Corelink India will be distributing the units within the nation and this represents the first major sale of Rinicare’s ground-breaking technology into an international healthcare system.

Rinicare’s Managing Director, Anthony Holmes, commented, “The Indian healthcare system is obviously under a huge amount of strain at the moment, so we are glad that our technology might be able to help to keep both patients and clinicians safer. PRIME™ is designed to be adaptable and completely portable, so we were able to discuss Corelink India’s specific needs and be confident that clinical teams are going to be able to start using the system almost immediately.”

The PRIME™ system is designed to allow clinicians to wirelessly and remotely monitor their patients’ vital signs, helping them to spot any signs of deterioration early. It is completely portable, wireless, and provides a complete range of real-time, hospital-grade vital signs data that is accurate and consistent. Remote vital signs monitoring is particularly crucial for clinicians monitoring during the Covid-19 pandemic, when face-to-face contact is more limited.

PRIME™ continuously displays vital sign data from a suite of wireless sensors in real-time, allowing users to quickly and accurately evaluate patient conditions resulting in a more complete diagnosis and, ultimately, better patient care. Some of the key equipment included with PRIME™ is a gold-standard 12 lead ECG, wireless blood pressure cuff, wireless pulse oximeter, and wireless thermometer.

In addition to PRIME™, Rinicare has an exciting portfolio of AI-powered solutions which identify patients at high risk of deterioration in different settings, from ICUs to care homes. Research has shown that an earlier clinical response offers significant patient benefit as it reduces avoidable harm, and also enables cost savings to be made by the healthcare system.

Unlike many technology products, Rinicare’s solutions have been designed by a multidisciplinary team which combines clinical and technology expertise. Designed to integrate seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure, they interface with relevant data streams and sit within existing clinical pathways. Rinicare’s portfolio of solutions have all been designed to positively impact on patient outcomes without negatively disrupting engagement between clinicians and patients.