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Videology partners with Yospace for addressable TV

7 September 2017

Videology partners with Yospace for addressable TV

Two leading adtech businesses operating in the broadcast space have announced a partnership this week, with Videology and Yospace teaming together to boost their addressable advertising proposition.

Videology, which provides the software for converged TV and video advertising, is now working with the team that has already struck deals with ITV, Channel 4 and Sky to offer dynamic ad insertion (DAI) - a technology that stitches tailored ads into online broadcasts.

Combined with Videology’s forecasting capabilities, broadcasters are being promised much more control over the ads that are seen by each viewer at both an individual and household level.

“We are delighted to be adding Yospace to our growing list of major technology partners around the globe," said John Tigg, SVP enterprise solutions at Videology.

"By partnering with Yospace, Videology’s clients can seamlessly leverage Yospace’s market leading platform, ultimately driving better outcomes for TV advertisers and broadcasters alike.”

Tim Sewell, CEO at Yospace, added: “Fully addressable advertising sits at the forefront of broadcaster thinking now, while server-side Dynamic Ad Insertion, particularly for live simulcast, is a critical element for it.

"Videology have built a strong reputation both in advanced inventory optimisation and forecasting as well as a robust programmatic infrastructure. We’re delighted to welcome them as a partner.”