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Zinwave in-building wireless system interfaces with managed access systems deployed by the military and correctional institutions

29 August 2013

Zinwave in-building wireless system interfaces with managed access systems deployed by the military and correctional institutions

Zinwave Ltd, a global provider of wideband active distributed antenna systems (DAS) for in-building wireless coverage, is supporting the deployment of managed access systems in correctional facilities, border checkpoints and military bases to prevent unauthorised cell phone usage and reduce criminal activities.

Managed access systems deploy a secure wireless umbrella over a specified area to either permit or block the transmission from mobile devices. They do not interfere or jam public safety services and also support onsite communications such as private mobile radio services or approved electronic devices.

Although cell phone ownership is illegal in most federal and state prisons in the US, the number of contraband devices in circulation in such institutions is growing by more than 60% annually. This illegal epidemic is posing significant risks in terms of public safety and security because cell phones are not only being used to plot criminal activities; they are also being used for harassment and intimidation purposes.

Zinwave’s in-building wireless technology is being increasingly chosen as the preferred solution by managed access system suppliers operating in this field because of its security features and future-proof advantages.

Zinwave’s wideband active DAS (known as Zinwave3000) is capable of intercepting any combination of wireless services, regardless of protocol and modulation scheme between 150MHz and 2700MHz. It supports all existing commercial frequencies (CDMA, 2G, 3G) as well as emerging 4G LTE services on a single hardware layer. Unlike legacy systems deployed in correctional facilities, Zinwave 3000 eliminates the need for subsequent site visits (which require careful planning and co-ordination to prevent security breaches) and/or disruptive infrastructure upgrades to accommodate new services as they become available.

The system’s low component count (comprising a hub, a service module, an optical module and a remote unit) makes it straightforward to deploy across a widely dispersed area and signal outputs are controllable on a building-by-building basis. Its inherently secure fiber cabling can be incorporated into existing building layouts without needing a major fit-out and its remote antennas can be discretely mounted and encased to prevent sabotage.

Zinwave’s DAS also facilitates the deployment of other wireless communications, such as public safety services, internal radio communications and location-based services on the same installation, resulting in reduced cost with higher utility.

Says Laddy Fleming, Executive Vice President of World-Wide Sales & Marketing; “Contraband cell phone ownership is unfortunately growing in parallel with Smartphone ownership. Our DAS is enabling systems integrators to provide correction facilities with an “install-once” infrastructure that has been future-proofed to accommodate all spectrum evolution formats, making it a highly attractive proposition".