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Making a new investment is only the start of the journey. We work closely with our investee company partners to ensure management are afforded the best possible chance of success and to realise the goals of shareholders.

Please browse our current portfolio and a selection of our realised investments to see how we have added value. If you have any questions, or require further information on any of our businesses, please feel free to get in touch.

Since 2015 Catapult has recorded 14 profitable exits averaging 4.7x money multiple, including Accutronics (9.1x), Lumora (4.7x), Oxford Cryosystems (5.2x), Systems Integration (4.9x), Monica Healthcare (3.6x), BWB Consulting (3.2x), Hangar7 (3x), Stagecoach (2x), Yospace (6.9x), R2C Online (12.6x), Oracle Care and Education (3.4x) and Panthera Biopartners (3.3x). 

For a fuller list of our realisations, please view the 'Selected Realised' page.