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2010 -2015

Crystallon Limited is the holding company for Oxford Cryosystems Limited which produces a world leading portfolio of low temperature devices in the field of x-ray crystallography.  The Company's devices are able to successfully freeze samples in open laboratories whilst they are being viewed by x-ray machines. This allows greater clarity for determining the chemical composition of a sample.

Oxford Cryosystems is the clear market leader in its field in terms of market share, product quality and reputation.  The market that the Company operates in is highly specialised and niche.

Our involvement

Our investment was to support the change of ownership of Oxford Cryosystems in the form of an MBO of the Company.

How did we help?

Catapult's investment and guidance enabled the company to successfully deliver its strategic goals.


A successful management buy-out in 2015, which delivered a 5.3x cash return for the Catapult Growth Fund.