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Cytox have developed a simple genetic based blood test for the assessment of risk and diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease in the very early stages. Alzheimer's Disease affects over 26 million people world-wide and is a growing condition as people live longer. There is currently no cure for Alzheimer's Disease, but there are large international initiatives underway to find treatments with many drugs in clinical development. Cytox are commercially launching their tests in conjunction with Affymetrix (part of Thermo Fisher Scientific) to support Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies developing novel therapeutics.

Why we like the business

There is a large and unmet need for better diagnostics for Alzheimer's Disease and related conditions that Cytox's technology addresses. Cytox's founder, collaborators and management have extensive experience in these areas. The company is poised for commercialisation attracting a lot of interest from Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies developing drugs and leading academic groups researching Ageing and Dementia including Alzheimer's Disease.