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Based at Alderley Park, INFEX Therapeutics aims to tackle the urgent global threat from antimicrobial resistance, which left untreated, will kill an extra 10m patients per year – more deaths than cancer.  It helps accelerate the development of new antibiotics by providing development services to companies around the world in return for a commercial share from new products developed.

In 2020 it expanded its portfolio to tackle a wider array of infectious diseases, developing lifesaving antibacterial and antiviral therapies.

Why we like the business

Anti-microbial resistance is now recognised as a threat to humanity and INFEX is a key part of the UK’s response to this global threat. INFEX is a founder partner of CARB-X, a US-based anti-microbial grant funder which is investing $455m into suitable projects around the world. The costs of its unique development capabilities are significantly reduced thanks to CARB-X grants, while the scientific risks are reduced through access to the CARB-X panel of world leading experts.